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My Ceramics

My fascination with ceramic objects began when I was a child; from the time I can remember there were ceramic vases, plates, pitchers and mugs in every corner of our small New York City apartment. However, they were not simply there for decorative purposes; they were functional as well.  Orange juice was served in a brightly colored floral-design pitcher. Adults drank coffee from beautifully patterned geometric mugs, and flowers were arranged in vases decorated with bird designs. All these objects felt very personal to me as they were hand-painted by my mother and grandmother.  


I held a paint brush in my hand long before holding a pencil. The first ceramic piece I created was a little rooster, painted in vivid yellow, green and brown hues. I still have it standing on a shelf, decades later, minus part of the comb and tail. Growing up, I watched my mother for hours as she gently handled fragile ceramic greenware, and patiently painted traditional Ukrainian designs on it. Later, I realized that I loved not only the technique and colors of the ceramics, but also gathering information about their ancient patterns.  I delved deeply into researching them and now add my own creative touch to these traditional designs.

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